Los Angeles Film and Script Festival

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Fall 2022 Winners

Best Narrative Feature

“ The Adventures Of Sukran The Lame ”   Directed by Onur Unlu

Best Narrative Short

“ The Return ”   Directed by Shelagh McLeod

Best Documentary Feature

“ zzzz ”   Directed by zzzzzz

Best Documentary Short

“ NA ”   Directed by NA

Best Student Film

“ Pop ”  Directed by Brandon Victoriano

Best Music Video

“ Tragedy Strikes ”   Directed by Morgan Gullett

Best Experimental

“ Some Days ”   Directed by  Jef Ross Doebler

Best Animation

“ SPACE SHUTTLE: A Fairy Special Episode ”   Directed by Derek Frederickson

Best Script (Drama)

“ Alta California ”   by Lynn H. Elliott

Best Script (Comedy)

“ Ruined Vacation ”   by Mark Donnell

Best Script (Action/Adventure)

“ Strife ”   by George Hellas

Best Script (Horror)

“ Sacred Sun ”   by Michael Louis Gould

Best Script (Suspense/Thriller)

“ The Conduits ”   by Katy Chance

Best Script (Sci-Fi)

“ Moonscope ”   by David Hunter Fein

Best Script (Animation)

“ Porcupine ”   by David Hunter Fein

Best Script (Student)

“ NA ”   by NA

Honorable Mention

“ A Ghastly Sight ”   by David Wang

Honorable Mention

“ Buford Highway ”   by Alyin Atvur & Jordan  Watland

Honorable Mention

“ Dog-Gone It! ”   Dir. by Hunter James Cox

Honorable Mention

“ Ransom ”   Dir. by Sarah Attrill

Honorable Mention

“ SINder ”   by Danielle Erlich

Honorable Mention

“ Time, Space, And The Poet ”   by John Turner

Honorable Mention

“ Traces Of You ”   Dir. by Stella Sophia Ruud Zwart

Honorable Mention

“ Vampire Math ”   by Ron stillman

Official Selections

“ ¿Qué Somos? ”   Directed by Maria Prieto

“ Apocalypse ”   Directed by John Fairchild

“ How To Avoid A Sappy Goodbye ”   Directed by Doug Rogers

“ Rats In The House ”   Directed by Francesca Brice-Martin

“ Ten Essentials ”   Directed by Travis Greene

“ The Sun Line - Fire In The Pines ”   Directed by Peter A English

“ The World To Come ”   Directed by Josh Fagen